E-Cigarettes: Could This Be The End To Smoking?

1There is no such term as a healthy cigarette, but if in the case that there should be one, it must be the e-cigarettes of today. The release of electronics has made people think twice about smoking and the harm that it can give do for our health.

Everything that is hard to do can be achieved with one single step and in this case with one single modern tool.


Technology and time has made the change in electronic cigarettes today only for the better in terms of features and usability to the consumer. The change on the physical appearance is not hard to miss but the improvement has gone far into the internal parts as well and safety features. Check out http://www.ehow.com/how_5609771_operate-electronic-cigarette.html to know the basics of electronic cigarettes.


The mini version which is the latest release is made to look like the person using is actually smoking a real cigarette instead of an electronic cigarette or tobacco. The first e-cigarettes were larger and lengthier than the normal cigarette stick so when one smokes it it easily distinguished as the replica or the modern cigarette.


The good thing about e liquid canada is that the flavor is not left out so as to give the smoker still the taste for tobacco but without giving him any harm or danger. There is still the smoke that shows it’s likeness to the real thing but it is made odor-less  as the vapor coming from the cigarette makes it smell better; what is lacking though is nicotine which is the healthy way to smoking this way.

With all these said about electronic cigarette – can this finally be the missing factor that has led to the many failed attempts of smokers to quit the bad habit?


There are three important parts of an electronic cigarette from http://ecloudvaping.com/; the charger as it will be charged, the chamber to which the vapor is located and the atomizer. The chamber is the spot where the vapor re-fill goes into. It gives out a fake fire at the tip of the stick with every inhale of the smoker; the look of a burning cigarette is what it resembles. You get the idea that you just lit a cigarette when you really are looking at a glow. The nicotine level can also be customized according to the person’s level of choice whether he wants minimal or a little bit higher than that. One cartridge is the same as twenty normal sticks so you can just imagine the savings you get with this. As mentioned earlier, the level of nicotine can be adjusted according to the users preference; there are three gauges the low, medium to the highest one which is called the standard.


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